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The team at Luxsim24 has a combined experience of over 15 years in simulation, training and gaming computers. We have come together to create a company keen to listen to our customers and truly understand your ideas and needs. Working in partnership with you, we can create a product we are not only proud of but also confident it truly delivers on your needs and aspirations.

 Luxury simulation means that we always use quality parts to build our simulators. Both our Pro and Pro-AM frames are made of aqua-cut aluminium,  strong yet light material, cut to perfection that won’t rust.

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Turnkey Motion Simulators

Our Pro Gold Simulator is the ultimate driving experience in virtual reality! Featuring the PRS motion kit which can replicate the fast response of a car’s suspension with a reaction speed of up to 280mm/s. Each actuator has a weight limit of 200KG and can be setup to experience up to 2G, all thanks to our lightweight aluminium frame design! All this plus an almost slient operation make this kit the best on the market. Don’t just take our word for it though, click on the below video from our YouTube channel to see the Pro Gold Quad Motion Simulator in action!


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I recently got my Luxsim24 Pro Am rig delivered, superior quality to the rig I had before, super sturdy, amazing quality, still light enough time move while retaining rigidity. Great bunch to deal with and all handmade in house in the UK.

Liam Browning Racing - CSCC Caterham

The rig provided to me by the team at Luxsim24 has completely changed my sim racing experience. They offer the most sturdy frames allowing you to forget about any worries of bending or overworking your simulator. They have a unique and authentic seating position which is fully adjustable and that allows you to feel as if you’re in the car. They can also provide you with other pieces of equipment that can further enhance your rig and make it feel even more realistic. And you can choose what colour you want your sim, it just adds some colour to the room instead of a bland metallic silver which is a nice touch too.

Ben Creanor - 2019 Euro Nascar

I ordered my custom Luxsim24 AM simulator and it has improved my sim racing enjoyment. The Luxsim24 team carried out the on-site installation and setup, so I was able to start setting lap times!


Highly recommend my Luxsim24 Pro racing simulator. The team at Luxsim carried out a full and very professional onsite install and setup, going through my features, Sim racing programs and even helped me setup my Fanatec Direct Drive whell with a base setup!


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