Having a simulator on your stand at an exhibition will help to draw a crowd. People being around the stand for a long time will give your event staff the chance to talk to people, which can help with the sales and promotion of your business. It will also help to bring people back, since people will become competitive, meaning they will return to the stand to check on lap times. The leader board can also be used to run competitions for fastest lap. This is a fantastic way of promoting businesses, with methods such as signing up to enter the competition to win a prize being popular.


We have a variety of set-up options that we can provide to you at an event – our main set-up would include a full motion PRO simulator with a triple display setup to give the biggest presence. People are fascinated by the movement of a simulator. They can interact with it; making the experience much more memorable. However, if you are limited on space we can condense our set-ups in a number of ways, right down to our AM setup with a single rig mounted display and full integrated electronics. This set-up works completely within the frames dimensions of around 1m x 1.5m with just a single power cable supplying power to the stand.

What the package includes

Our events package is a complete service of the simulator. Our team will set the equipment up on setup day at the location. Our staff will then run the simulator for all event days and/or nights along with breaking down once the show has concluded, meaning that your staff can carry out their usual tasks at the exhibition. We use fully licensed commercial software with a wide range of tracks and cars.