PRO Frame

Designed for professional use, our PRO frame supports a wide range of professional controls and is motion ready. Constructed from watercut aluminium plate and aluminium tube, the frame is very light in weight without the strength being compromised. We have designed the frame from the ground up without using a single weld, meaning that there is more adjustment and it is easier to swap and upgrade parts. The PRO frame is supplied in a powder coat finish with custom colour options available. The seat on a simulator is a very important part which is why all of our PRO frames are supplied with seats from the Corbeau range, starting from their road selection, all the way to their top FIA approved seats.

AM Frame

Our AM frame has been designed for those who do not have the space for a larger simulator. Made up of watercut aluminium sheet and aluminium tube; you will get the same lightweight and strength benefits of the PRO frame without the requirement of a dedicated games room. We have also designed in an easy detach middle – meaning that you can split the frame into two pieces making storage even easier. Our AM frame supports controls from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. All AM frames are supplied in a powder coat finish with the availablity to customise the colour.


The Benefits

Motorsport doesn’t come cheap; there are many costs throughout the season that can rack up very big bills. These costs include transport to tracks, track time, tyres, fuel and the list goes on. When learning a new track the costs can be even higher as practice is needed and can go badly wrong resulting in a crash and having to repair the vehicle. Using a racing simulator unlocks unlimited practice without these costs; you can also reset the car and go again after a collision. Technology today means that a simulator can be set up to feel as though you are actually on track in the car. Laser scanned tracks allow you to grasp the width of the track and learn the corners, improving your time in each sector.

The Controls

The controls are a very important part of a racing simulator. While entry level, belt driven wheels are fun to play with and are a lot cheaper; direct drive wheels will simulate the feel of a race car in a much more realistic way. For example the wheel will go light when the front end loses grip so you feel a connection with the car. Pedals are another important factor in a racing simulator; hydraulic dampened pedals are stiff just like in a race car which means you can get a feel for how much braking to apply and when to get the best out of each lap. The wheel rim is customizable too; with a very wide range of wheels on the market now you can have the same wheel from your car on your simulator and programme all of the buttons to carry out the same function.


Motion is a huge assist on a simulator whilst racing, as you feel the elevation and vibration of the track and every bump along the way. With the addition of VR you will be fully immersed, as you look around the car you will see all of the real world detail you’d expect to see while on track. Having this view and with the headphones connected means you will not have any distractions in the room whilst training meaning you can put all of your attention onto the track. This simulator time means that you can master the track before even stepping foot out of the house on race weekend giving you that upper hand against your opposition.